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Tencent Drives AI Growth


China’s Tencent is driving AI adoption across the country. The Chinese company was founded in 1998 and hosts more than 50% of China’s mobile Internet usage on its platforms. Its overall mission is to become the world’s most respected Internet company. Tencent’s devotion to AI adoption is evident in one of its slogans “AI in all.” In 2016, the company opened an AI lab in Shenzhen with the aim of “Make AI Everywhere” by focusing on machine learning, speech recognition and computer vision. Recently, the company opened a new lab in Bellevue, Washington that will be led by Dong Yu, a speech recognition technology expert.

中国腾讯正在全国范围内推动人工智能的采用。这家中国公司成立于1998年,在其平台上拥有超过50%的中国移动互联网使用者。其整体使命是成为全球最受尊敬的互联网公司。 腾讯致力于采用人工智能在其口号之一“AI in all”中体现得淋漓尽致。2016年,该公司在深圳开设了一个人工智能实验室,旨在通过专注于机器学习,语音识别和计算机视觉来实现“让人工智能无所不在”。 最近,该公司在华盛顿的贝尔维尤开设了一个新的实验室,由语音识别技术专家董宇领导。

Film Industry Tax Evasion Investigation


China will launch a tax evasion investigation into its film and television industry. Several of the country’s most famous actors have been accused of signing “yin-yang” contracts, a term that refers to one contract setting out agreed payment terms and a second one with a lower figure for tax authorities to avoid the payment of tax. The State Administration of Taxation is asking local tax bureaus across the country to conduct investigations into the matter.


Chinese Healthy Life Expectancy Rises


Chinese State Media were celebrating earlier this week following the WTO announcement that Chinese people enjoy, on average, a longer healthy lifespan than Americans do. The latest figures show that the average US healthy life expectancy is 68.5, whereas it is 68.7 in China. As such, Chinese newborns are now expected to get around 10 weeks of extra healthy life than Americans do. While this figure is small, perhaps the symbol attached to this achievement is more important than the number itself. Still, both China and the US trail behind Canada and most of Western Europe, which have healthy lifespans of 70 years or higher.


Vietnam’s Development Path Mirrors China’s


Some experts believe that Vietnam is copying China in its efforts to grow economically, and is about ten years behind its larger neighbor in terms of development. In many ways, the two Asian countries are competitors. China opened its doors to foreign investment in 1978 whereas Vietnam followed suit about ten years later. Now, Vietnam is beginning to struggle with issues of corruption, traffic problems and worsening SOE performance as the middle class grows. These are all similar problems that China faced when it was in a similar development stage.


BRI Promotes Revenue Growth


China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has already produced impressive results that will continue to promote revenue growth for both Chinese and foreign companies. “This grand initiative will not only rejuvenate ancient trade routes, but also further open up markets and accelerate economic integration on a transparent, equal and innovative ground,” states CITS American Express Global Business Travel Vice President and General Manager of China Operations Kevin Tan. He is confident that the initiative will drive economic growth, greater efficiency, social welfare, and overall greater customer and business satisfaction among the participating countries.

中国的“一带一路”倡议(BRI)已经取得了令人印象深刻的成果,将继续促进中国和外国公司的收入增长。“这一盛大举措不仅将振兴古老的贸易路线,而且还将在透明,平等和创新的基础上进一步开放市场和加速经济一体化。”CITS美国运通全球商务旅行副总裁兼中国业务总经理Kevin Tan表示。他相信这一举措将推动参与国的经济增长,提高效率,社会福利以及整体更高的客户和业务满意度。