BQ澳洲 杂志简介



BQ Australia Chinese Weekly, known as BQ Weekly, is published across Australia on a weekly basis, as the result of joint venture by Ostar International Media Group (OIMG) and Beijing Youth Daily Group. BQ Weekly magazine covers a broad range of topics such as politics, finance, culture and consumer in a total of 60 pages, all printed in colour on A3 art paper. Not only does it offer professional and high-standard design on luxuriously polished print, it boasts a team of prominent journalists stationed in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Beijing and other major cities, bringing our readers exclusive interviews and reports. BQ Weekly is the chosen in-flight magazine of China Southern Airlines. It is also available in restaurants,private clubs,beauty salon,luxury hotels, offices, bookshops, Chinese schools etc. delivering BQ weekly directly to the hands of Australia’s elite.

第330期 15.12.2017

第329期 08.12.2017

第328期 01.12.2017

第327期 24.11.2017

第326期 17.11.2017

第325期 10.11.2017

第324期 03.11.2017

第323期 08.10.2017

第322期 20.10.2017

第321期 13.10.2017

第320期 06.10.2017

第319期 29.09.2017

第318期 22.09.2017

第317期 15.09.2017

第316期 08.09.2017

第315期 01.09.2017

第314期 25.08.2017

第313期 18.08.2017